Posted by Tmache on Dec 23rd 2017

  • Some Black women do choose to wear wigs , weaves and extensions, and underneath them , black women do have some of the most beautiful curls. It is indeed a black woman’s choice on how she chooses to wear her hair , and It is also a myth that black women cannot grow long Hair and Beyonce is definitely proof of that !
  • As states by Beyonce Hairstylist on Twitter : Farinah says. “And underneath wigs and weaves, Black women have some of the most beautiful curly hair. It’s a choice one makes.”
  • Black women most certainly didn't need him to clear anything up. A lot of people have a low and negative opinion of black women in almost every possible way and takes great pleasure in bashing black women for some reason.These people want to believe that other women wear weaves by choice and for style but black women have no choice since they must be inherently bald and have deep rooted issues. Everyone has hair and all hair grows.

  • So we all now know underneath Beyonce’s and Many Black women’s wigs are heads full of beautiful hair .